Photo Credit:  Sig Photography

Photo Credit: Sig Photography

The Maker

Hi! I’m Cat Snapp, the creator of Cat Snapp Studio. And yes, that’s my real name. :) I live and work in Everett, Washington.

Though I didn’t always know that I’d become a professional artist, I've created art since I was a kid. I remember drawing pictures of Frankenstein’s monster with my parents on our couch when I was 6, making “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style books when I was 12 and falling in love with the impression of ink on paper in my first undergrad etching class at the University of Central Florida. It wasn't until the end of my first year of grad school at the University of North Texas that I was sure in my path as an artist.

When you buy and use my products, I want you to be excited about writing a note or jotting down a thought. I hope that by holding something tangible and handmade it highlights a moment in your day that doesn’t involve a screen. And when your mom, or lover, or cousin twice-removed receives one of my cards, I want it to give them joy and make them feel appreciated. Because I put love and joy and sweat and genuine excitement into everything I make for Cat Snapp Studio.


Cat Snapp Studio started when I received my Master of Fine Arts degree and began making blank journals and greeting cards as a fun side project. And pretty soon, I realized that my fun side project was much more than that. It turned into a passion, and as it grew, I knew that I was doing something I’d always loved. I’m an Air Force brat, and often, writing to friends on my Lisa Frank stationery or DIY greeting cards was my only way to stay in touch. It was then that I learned how a handwritten letter can brighten up the gloomiest day.

My home studio is a renovated (still in-progress!) three-car garage where I create, research, print, assemble and ship all of my products.  My studio houses my beloved presses (a Chandler & Price 10x15 New Style letterpress named Vaiola and a Takach etching press named Gloria, after my grandmothers), bookbinding equipment and a versatile work table my husband, Mike, built for me as a Christmas present when I was just starting out. I dreamed for years about a studio space like this one and have outfitted my studio one piece at a time over the years.

The Inspiration

Mail, tangible mail, brings delight as the handwriting on the envelope jumps out of the mailbox, bypassing the junk mail and bills. And journal writing can be a powerful and beneficial form of expression. It’s a place to collect one’s thoughts and try to understand what’s happening in the world around you. Among all of the incredible digital tools incorporated into our lives, there is still power in ink on paper, and that’s why Cat Snapp Studio exists!

My work is inspired by life's events and conversations with loved ones. I always take note of my sincerest words and reactions and bring to life encouraging, humorous and expressive sentiments. The patterns in my work are influenced by motifs from my Samoan and Mexican heritage, as well as symbols of my own design.

I love creating designs that are jam-packed with color and wobbly hand-drawn imagery. My designs are bold, quirky and elegant. They walk the line between serious and goofy, practical and sentimental.

The Products

My products are brought to life through the marriage of old and new technology.  I start with hand-drawn designs and use my presses, computer and hands to create. All my letterpress cards and journals I create in-house — hand-drawn, hand-printed and hand-sewn. Any products that I don't personally print are printed locally or by a U.S. printer.

I'm always looking for ways to make Cat Snapp Studio a greener business! I only use FSC-certified paper in all of my products. My flat-printed cards and art prints are on 100% recycled paper and my letterpress printed cards are on 100% cotton paper. Whenever possible I use recycled paper for my notebooks.

I am switching to using compostable clear sleeves for greeting cards and 100% recycled chipboard for product packaging. I ship using labels, boxes and mailers made from 100% recycled paper and use either recycled or reused materials for filling boxes.