Shop Small Holiday Challenge!


You’ve probably seen the phrase, “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” I love the phrase and even included it on my Etsy shop receipts. I really do a happy dance when someone loves my work enough to invest their hard-earned dollars in it.

But I recently saw a different version from Orange Beautiful that I think is even better:

If you’re reading this, it means that you probably value voting with your dollars and believe in supporting handmade businesses like mine.

It means you understand that my craft is my profession, and yes, it is fun and sometimes that means I get to dance at work. But it also means that you recognize the persistence and sacrifice that I (and my husband, Mike) have made to establish my studio. A little happy dance trivializes all of that. So I want to thank you for your support,

and I want to propose a challenge and ask you to buy from at least one maker or small business this holiday season. 

Even if it’s a small purchase, please know that choosing small business makes a bigger difference in our prosperity than it does for the CEOs of big box stores.

I rarely go into the details of being a small business owner. Vulnerability is not the strong suit of an introverted Scorpio like me. So you might know how hard small businesses work, but you might not know of all the literal blood, sweat and tears (so. many. tears.) that go into building and growing Cat Snapp Studio.

But all of that work behind the scenes means that when you buy from me, you directly impact my life in very tangible and meaningful ways. I can pay my bills, invest in new products, save for an emergency, pay booth fees for in-person markets, reach out to new stores, and consider hiring help when I most need it.

Your purchase is a monetary and motivational boost that has more value than the amount on your receipt- It provides opportunity for me to continue to create new art and products for you. And I know my fellow small business owners are right there with me!

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing my holiday gift guide featuring all handmade and small businesses, but next week is very important, because I have a very special Black Friday-Cyber Monday deal heading to the inboxes of those on my mailing list! So if you haven’t yet, sign up and keep an eye out!

Thank you for valuing and buying handmade,