Letterpress Art Prints for Everett Artist Elizabeth Person

Cat Snapp Studio Elizabeth Person Seattle Everett Letterpress
Cat Snapp Studio Elizabeth Person Whidbey Island Letterpress

I recently wrapped up a very special print job for fellow Everett artist, Elizabeth Person! You might recognize one of her prints from Everett’s 125th postcards back in July and if you live in Everett, I guarantee that you’ve seen her work. She loved the results of the postcards so much that she wanted to work with me to create a series of 8x10 inch letterpress prints that included Seattle and Whidbey Island! Elizabeth wanted a bright, fun color that was a little different from her watercolor illustrations, so she picked a rich, jewel-tone teal on warm white cotton paper.

In addition to being a talented artist, Elizabeth also has extensive design background, so taking her work from initial illustration to final print was a breeze! She’s incredibly professional, diligent, insightful, sincere and I just love her sense of humor. I hope everyone has someone like her in their lives!

Elizabeth’s prints can be purchased through her Etsy shop, at her in-person art fairs and the Everett print is also available as a gift to patrons of Live In Everett through its Patreon page.

I love working with designers! If you’re a graphic designer looking to get a custom letterpress job printed, shoot me a message at hello@catsnapp.studio for a custom quote!